Friday 21 September 2012

Google+ event, 27th September

While I surface from work on ON THE STEEL BREEZE, just a word to say that I'll be participating in a three-way Google+ hangout with Iain M Banks and Peter F Hamilton. The event takes place next week, on Thursday 27th September. Here's some information:

Now, as far as I understand it, this is not a public event in the sense that you can show up in London when we do it. But via the medium of Google+ you can still participate. In fact some people are already posting questions for the panel in advance of the event.

Iain and Peter are always good company, so I'm sure we'll have a blast and get some good discussions going.


  1. Wow, the only thing that could make that triumvirate better would be the addition of the late Frank Herbert.

    Can't wait for On The Steel Breeze! Blue Remembered Earth far surpassed my high expectations. The humanistic approach and emphasis on the smaller scale of East Africa, Earth, and the solar system (as compared with Revelation Space) really helped me empathize with the characters.

  2. Great! Looking forward to it. :)

  3. needless to say, I'm sure it will be epic.

    I'd like to hear a discussion between you and Peter about FTL.

  4. Watched some of it last night. Certainly interesting and never boring!
    Good stuff Al

  5. Al, Thank you so much for contributing to that, and for advertising it on the blog. It was an awesome talk.

    I especially appreciated your comments on writing about running with good ideas, and not getting caught up in concerns about being the first author to ever commit them to text. Very encouraging words.