Thursday, 1 March 2012

Presented without comment

One of my first record purchases. A snip at 1.49p.


  1. A worthy start. One of my first LP purchase was his "Star Wars & Other Themes." I remember thinking that they "didn't sound right" but loved the more classical tracks on side 2.

    You can't beat some good sci-fi disco: it's made a bit of a comeback recently. SF and synth music were made for each other.

  2. Damn, I had that one as well. I think my parents have thrown it out by now, but I'll have to check at the weekend. I had at least three versions of the Star Wars music too.

  3. Is that the Liberator in the middle? Geoff Live. I had his "Big War Movie Themes " and "Big Bond Movie Themes "..

  4. "Disco galactic themes"?

    The mind boggles. What do they sound like ?

  5. Anon: it's the Liberator crossed with an X-wing.

    Neil: kinda disco-galacticy, strangely enough.

  6. For a more recent spin on sci-fi music, seek out Fader Galdiator's hip-hop 'Imperial March' retooled into 'Battle of the Planets'

  7. I've got a copy of this up in the loft. Amazing to think in the day's before video's, DVD's and Blu Ray we couldn't just watch these films when we wanted to, kid's are so spoilt these days! I even had a small model of that Blake's 7 ship - didn't know it was called Liberator though.

    1. The liberator is fantastic.

      I watched a Doctor Who dvd recently where they had an extra about how you used to only get the one chance to see the show then VHS came in but costing £10 per tape was expensive etc... first Dr Who videos were £40 which was a fortune. We are totally spoilt for choice these days. Amazon n the net make everything viewable within a day. Totally different world.

  8. I think this was my favourite: