Monday 20 February 2012

Shine like an Arc Light

Today is the scheduled launch day of ARC, New Scientist's ambitious new SF/Futurism magazine - think OMNI updated for 2012. The magazine is mainly an e-reader publication, although I understand that there will be a limited number of print editions.

Some information:

I presume at some point there will be a link to ARC's purchase and download options.

My story "The Water Thief" appears in the first issue, which also includes stories and features from Margaret Atwood, China Mieville, M John Harrison, Stephen Baxter, Hannu Rajaniemi, Adam Roberts, Paul Graham Raven and others.


  1. The title of this post wouldn't be a reference by any chance to the signature song of a middling-obscurish Irish alt-pop band of the early 1990s?

  2. Cool - just picked up on Kindle.

  3. Henry - much missed they are too, well by me anyway.

    Orin: enjoy; I'm travelling at the mo so still haven't seen it.

  4. Here letting people know its available in the states too as I just got a copy for my own Kindle. Looking forward to reading Alastair's short story since, being in Ohio, I have to wait til summer to read Blue Remembered Earth

    Much success to everyone at ARC -keep feeding us stories

    1. Not necessarily. I live in Texas and I got mine about a week ago (I could have gotten it at launch, but I was waiting for a signed copy which I finally found :) ).

      Just go to Abebooks and look it up there. Many good sellers with good prices and quick shipping.

  5. yeah, waiting for bre too! Made a journey to Barnes & Noble for it lol and ended up with years best sf 26 instead. Your ss sticks out in there like a talented but sore thumb srry to say... but it's great? So i'll try to find 'Water Thief' in the meantime. already creeped out in a hard sf kind of way...

  6. This conversation has prompted me to get up off my arse and digitize an old Fat Lady Sings concert I've had on tape for the last couple of decades - they played a free gig at my old school for nostalgia's sake (Nick Kelly was a student there back in the day), and a few of us went down to give them support. Feel free to email me - - if you'd like a copy ...

  7. Thanks Henry, very kind - no need, though, I'm overloaded with music as it is. They were good, weren't they? I rate both albums very highly.

  8. No worries - this is something that I should have done in any event for my own benefit, and the benefit of my mates who were also at the gig (it's led to a combination of mild nostalgia for our student days, and existential horror at the realization that this concert took place over 20 years ago ...).

  9. An old colleague of mine during my ESA days used to know one of them I seem to remember - I think she was also from Dublin.