Tuesday 29 November 2011

New Art Riot - Strange Horizons

The last for a while, this, but here's a brand new one, and for once I will be giving it away. This picture was done for Justin, one of the winners of the Strange Horizons prize draw. I'd offered to illustrate a scene from one of my books but Justin was good enough to let me do whatever I liked - although doubtless you could find a scene somewhere that more or less matches this picture, if you looked long enough (I mean, spaceship, gloomy planet - how hard can it be?)

Acrylic and airbrush, A3 size. I had a blast doing this and enjoyed working with a more restrained palette than usual.


  1. So very jealous...
    Fantastic work again, and very ice color choice.
    I was curious, do you have any plans lined up for some more limited edition works that you can speak about, maybe another Subterranean Press book?
    As always, thanks.

  2. Hi Matt - nothing in the immediate pipeline, but there are some possibilities bubbling away.

  3. Hi Al,

    I've read a few of your books, but can't put my finger on the scene or book you were hinting here... any other clue?

    many thanks,

  4. Adrian - it doesn't relate to a particular scene, I'm just saying I must have written something that sort of fits at some point.

  5. That is beautiful. I am so impressed. I had no idea you had this skillset. Good work.

  6. Mr Reynolds you are a visual artist as well? Impressive.

    I have had your blog in google reader for a while now, but have not stopped in until now. So, HELLO!

    Discovered your writing with "House of Suns" one day when in the local book shop. Since I have finished "Terminal World", and "Zima Blue". I tried to get my hands on "Revelation Space", to start the series of the same name, but was unable to find the book. Instead I picked up a copy of "The Prefect" and I am now about 1/4 of the way through.

    I love your writing and hope to one day have read all your stories. Thus you will join the likes of Neal Stephenson, Issac Asimov, and Micheal Crichton on my bookshelf.

    So again, greetings from Canada, and thanks for doing what you do!