Wednesday 6 July 2011


Just a note to say that I've opened a Twitter account. It's early days yet but we'll see how it goes. Follow me on:

This is part of a general profile-raising campaign ahead of Blue Remembered Earth's release in January, but hopefully I'll enjoy it well enough to stick with afterwards.


  1. Hey Al,
    Can I ask that you link your Twitter feed to your Facebook status bit? That way I can follow you there..
    I dont understand twitter

  2. Hi Bob

    I ain't got no Facebook status - anything that's up there is not official and isn't anything to do with me.

    We may do something with Facebook at some point, but for now I don't have a presence.


  3. You may want to update the link above to something more like losing the #! bit. If you include that bit, Twitter does funny things on the other side. Can't wait for the trilogy to begin!

  4. Cheers, Alex - done now.

  5. Hi Alastair! I'm kind of a new fan and couldn't find another way to message you than here. I'm churning my way through your novels now; read "Revelation Space" and "Redemption Ark" and now reading "Absolution Gap", plus I've listened to "Chasm City" and "House of Suns" on Audible and listening to "The Prefect" now. John Lee is AWESOME at making your stories come alive. Did you hand-pick him to narrate your stories?

    I also am a huge fan of Jonn Serrie. His "Thousand Star" album has several tracks devoted to your work and I listen to them sometimes as I read your books. Hope you don't mind if I ask: Is he a fan of yours who asked to devote some of his work or are you two friends? I noticed you are something of a musician yourself. Do you enjoy ambient music and/or use it as inspiration as you write? (I do personally).

    Sorry to take up your time, but I've been itching to find out!

  6. Hi Josh - no, the choice of narrator was entirely out of my hands, but I'm glad that you enjoy John Lee's work on the books.

    Can't say I was aware of John Serrie: I don't listen to much ambient music, other than the occasional Brian Eno record. Mostly when I'm working it's rock, pop, world, jazz, blues or a bit of classical. Yesterday was an Eels day. I guess when you're working on your own for long hours, it's nice to have some vocals in the mix.

  7. Hi Al Welcome to the Twittersphere - must confess I'm quite a Twitter fan for keeping up with stuff. Not such a fan of those who want to share their every waking thought! Interesting to read you're not on Facebook - Y was sure that she's found you on there.

    All the best