Friday 28 January 2011

Computa 2 - continued and concluded

"The story of a coputer that went rong" - good to see I got the hang of accurate back cover copy at an early point in my career.


  1. "...It'll flud the planet with paper!"

    Very prescient of you! As we all know computers are meant to *reduce* paperwork. Not in my experience...

  2. I'm always ahead of the curve.

    Actually I think my entire experience of computers at that point was based on the one in The Goodies (which you'd probably have to be British and over 40 to remember, sadly).

    That's still about all I know about computers.

  3. British? Yes.

    Over 40? Unfortunately...

    Goodie Goodie yum yum :-)

  4. ... or an Australian of almost any age, as The Goodies was repeated throughout the 80s and into the 90s there - and has been on again in 2010, it seems!

  5. My apologies as I wrote wrong the name of the magazine last time, honest error as I read both, it was on Sci Fi and again very nice the feature about the movies.

  6. LOL. Too funny! Thanks for sharing this.