Wednesday 14 July 2010

Busy busy busy (again)

Apologies for the lack of updates round here in recent weeks - nothing untoward, just a perfect storm of deadlines and travel and so on. I've been working on the new book, obviously, but there have also been articles to finish, a talk to prepare, short stories to write and various real life intrusions. Meanwhile, I've made tragically little progress on responding to emails, for which further apologies. I'll get there slowly, but it's going to be quite some time before the present backlog is cleared. And in the medium term future, my trip to the World Con in Australia is coming up fast. I sometimes feel that I've been trying to get ahead for most of my writing career. Certainly, life didn't get any simpler when I turned full-time.

Couple of things to mention: as highlighted earlier, Stargate Universe's Joseph Mallozzi has very kindly made HOUSE OF SUNS his July book of the month, and there's some discussion taking place on Joseph's blog right now. Once all the questions are in, I'll respond with answers.

And for those in the South Wales area - you lucky people - I'll be at the Orangery in Margam Park on Wednesday July 21st. I don't have a website link but here's the relevant info:

Neath Port Talbot Libraries: Literature Day with Jasper Fforde, Alastair Reynolds, Phil Bowen and Simone Mansell Broome. Also featuring the longlist announcement of the 2010 Dylan Thomas Prize. 10.30 am - 2.00 pm at The Orangery, Margam Park, Port Talbot. Free admission. For further details contact Paul Doyle at or on 01639 860000. Supported by Academi (contact 029 2047 2266 for information on funding for events).


  1. You know that Jim Hogan died a couple of days ago. I am saddened by this.

    He was one of my favorite writers and I remember getting quite drunk with him at a couple of "cons" in California in the late 80's.

  2. I might be attending the World Con too. I probably should, since I live in Melbourne.


  3. Any chance of you getting to San Francisco any time soon? I think I owe you a beer or two for keeping my mind engaged during innumerable dull commutes ...

  4. Melbourne Writer's Festival session with you and China Mieville is up. Got my ticket!

  5. Andrew Breitenbach7 August 2010 at 07:38

    Hey, congrats on winning the Sidewise Award! w00t!

  6. just wanted to tell you I'm enjoying your books so much, it's like going back to my childhood and being fascinated by Asimov. Thanks for your wonderful books!

  7. Daen - not much chance of me making SF anytime soon, I'm afraid. I seem to hit it about once a decade. Of course, if someone paid for me to go there, that'd be different...

    Orin: see you there - should be fun. I'm a great fan of China's.

    Andrew: cheers!