Wednesday 3 March 2010

Shine On

This dropped through my letter box today:


It's the Shine anthology of optimistic, near-future SF, edited by my good friend and scary, Viking-like (or is it Klingon-like) Dutchman, Jetse de Vries.  I've yet to do more than skim the contents but there looks to be some very interesting work in this collection. My own story, At Budokan, is a glimpse into the future of the global rock promotion business - my thinking being that any future which still has the global rock business in it can't be much worse than our own present.

More details:

I hope Jetse does well with this - I know how incredibly hard he's worked to pull it together, and that he's as passionate about the potential of SF as anyone I've met.


  1. Looks interesting. On an unrealted note... I was just trying to work out if Monkey Suit has been published anywhere yet?

  2. Hi Marc - well, apart from the fact that it was in Death Ray mag, and therefore freely available for a few months last summer (even my local newsagent had it), that story is now reprinted in the Deep Navigation collection - see earlier post.

  3. Some fabulous artwork there!
    Al, Re;Monkey suit, I read that in Deathray mag before it died a death(RIP Deathray!)-great story-the first Al Reynolds story I've read in fact!

  4. I second the best wishes for Shine, and I'm not even an optimist. But I suspect Jetse will do well enough with this anthology to have a sequel.

    S. F. Murphy

  5. Re: Monkey Suit

    Thanks! I thought I had read all the postings here but obviously not... Deep Navigation ordered!

  6. Hi Al-----The SHINE cover is gorgeous. I shall buy it asap I'll also buy your latest, which is now in the Uppsala English Bookshop. Another striking cover!

  7. £3.80 for Amazon Kindle? Sold!